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Appzine Machine Review

Appzine Machine is the name of the program. Created with the mobile market in mind, this suite of tools is focused on producing digital magazines is the easiest way possible. The company behind the application, named AppClover, has designed a product that makes publishing a magazine easy. The crew at AppClover, (Len Wright and Matt Lutz) obviously has experience creating easy to use products. Although there have been many desktop publishing programs since the 1980’s, AppClover has helped to redefine this market by looking at what has come before and adapting many ideas to the emerging mobile oriented world.

Publishing Options

One of the best features of Appzine Machine is the ability to publish on the major markets available to mobile devices.  Appstore is featured, with an easy of publication that would make old-time magazine publishers jealous.  Appzine Machine also handles Amazon’s Kindle line as well, with hooks to publish in that marketplace. The program even has the internet covered with easily tools to set up digital magazines on a website. No matter what the mobile device is, this program can help a person put a digital magazine on it. The fine folks at the company have made a product focused on the mobile market, yet with the ability to publish elsewhere. That is a smart move.

Platform and Training Center

Appzine Machine Platform
Your training center is built right inside the platform itself. Cover everything from magazine setup, marketing, monetization, content creation, and exclusive interviews and webinars.

Build Your Magazine

Appzine Magazine Build Your Magazine
Select page you want, drag and drop your images, links, opt-in codes, text, etc.  It couldn’t be any easier.

Community and Training

Appzine Magazine Community

The community is what makes any magazine succeed.  Appzine Machine helps cement this idea by offering tools to bring the community behind each digital magazine together. Each publisher can access tips from a variety of sources, with help from those that have come before. There is an interaction between each publisher to help create a better product on all fronts.

Post comments, talk to other publishers, strike up promotional deals, and browse the gallery of other publishers magazines. Also links to contact them as well so you can get more exposure.

Training Is Also Included With The Application

Appzine Magazine Instant Access To Digital Publishing Primer Trainer Program

Instant Access To Digital Publishing Primer Trainer Program

It isn’t just training on how to use the program, but training on how to market each user-created product. This information is as valuable as the application itself, since so many people aren’t aware of the tips and techniques needed to bring their product to the masses.

Resources, tools, and trainings on how to get properly started as a digital publisher, how to get content, how to get advertisers lined up, how to research your niche and the newsstand. And step by step magazine setup training and much much more.  You’ll gain access to weekly group Q&A webinars to get your questions answered.

Upon completion of Digital Publishing Primer Trainer Program, you will have an opportunity to give us contant feedback, give testimonials, and take part in case studies.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

The Appzine Machine is a unique and easy to use product. AppClover has hit a home run with this application. There is potential in what this program can produce. What comes out of Appzine Machine is entirely dependent on what goes in to the application. With a dedicated mind and a creative spirit, a high quality digital magazine can be easily produced.

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Appzine Machine Vs. Competitors Comparison


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Appzine Machine Video

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PS – You may not know my friends at Appzine Machine, but you probably know the people they’ve worked with… people like Richard Branson, Dr. Steven R. Covey, Greg Habstritt, Chris and Janet Attwood, Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf, Deepak Chopra and even the Dalai Lama himself. They show you it IS possible to get involved in the mobile space and make a great living at the same time… even if you don’t know anything about apps!

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I love mobile technology. The idea that I have a super computer in my pocket thrills me to no end. I also love the world of mobile applications, apps, and am in the process of creating my own. Because of this, I have looked at many companies that claim to help app developers. AppClover is a company full of dedicated employees. Their goal is not just to make money, but also bring out the best in mobile app developers.

Why Use AppClover?

The company has both brains and talent behind it. The founders of the company all have many years of experience in sales, marketing, technology, and the mobile world. Each one can be researched, but you should trust me: They all have the skills to run a great company. These men know what they are doing and have a devotion to helping developers create and market their own apps. Beyond all the services and knowledge that AppClover has available, this is the main reason I think people should use the company.

Favorite Features of the Website

The main hub for AppClover is the website, located at AppClover.com. This is the entrance that many will first see when deciding to use the company. It is a decently designed portal, one that has several sections for all the App Developer needs. My favorite is the Courses section. The Courses really show the heart of the company, bringing to light knowledge that every app developer should use. There are three sections within Courses, each taking a user farther in to the matrix of AppClover techniques.

• App Store Guru. This is the first section. This product is focused on getting the app to the marketplaces that are available on every platform. This means the Google Play store and Amazon App Store on Android, the Apple App Store on IOS, and the various web-based appstores on the market. This is a great source of knowledge that will help any developer start to bring their own A game to the fight.

• App Traffic Academy. My app isn’t finished, but I’m glad I looked at this section. The knowledge in it talks about low and slow app sales, low revenue, and few user reviews. I want to learn how to combat this before my app hits any of the stores. This is a good product for those wanting to increase sales and bring traffic to an app.

• The third and final part of the Courses section is the App Launcher Blueprint. Developing an app isn’t even half the world. Launching the app is when the real work begins, including initially bringing a product to the appstore and marketing the product. This section takes a user step-by-step through this process. There is a lot of knowledge here and brings up subjects I didn’t even consider before.

This isn’t the whole website, but this section will give any developer a lot of information to digest. It really is one of the best parts of the website as a whole.

Not So Favorite Features

Although there is a lot to learn on the website, sometimes the layout isn’t as intuitive as I’d like. Even the courses section needs three or four clicks and another sign up page before getting to the meat of the information. This can lead many to dismiss the site as nothing more than just another grab for money. This would be a disservice to the AppClover company as a whole, since the folks involved really do help every app developer. If they take away anything from this review, I hope it is to do a bit of a redesign on the site itself. Everything contained within the site is good but getting to those services can sometimes be a little hard.

A Site To Be Used

Yet, that is a minor complaint considering everything AppClover and AppClover.com has available. The services that AppClover offers are too many to mention here, but include help with marketing and development. There are packages of services available, individual services, and even customer services. There is a right option for any company I think.

With so much knowledge and success around the AppClover leadership, there is no doubt in my mind that these people can help any developer. There is so much to the website itself that any dev should look at the site. I think when a person does; he’ll find a treasure trove of options and services that can be immediately used. AppClover is an excellent choice for helping bring any app to the market.